Tattoo Etiquette inside the studio , and what to say .Do you have any questions about Tattoo Etiquette ?today is about the basics . Are you new and do not not know how to communicate to your artist ?

My suggestion is , first look through the artists photo albums ,in the shop or before you go down on the internet , follow there back

alliance of pro tattoo artists
Tattoo etiquette
round from there bio , and when you do go into the shop , make sure your treated with the level of respect you deserve , if not , walk out …

If your new and not sure about the correct tattoo etiquette when first walking in , simply tell the artist who you have gone to see , I AM A BEGINNER AND NEED YOUR HELP . from there the artist will not expect you to know all the answers he/she is going to ask , and will be very helpful and a trusted guide in explaining how everything goes down in the word of tattoo etiquette .

we will explain more in the future , got any comments …

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