When you walk into 434 tattoo , after being greeted within the first 15 seconds of walking in , we are going to ask you to take a look around , and please make your self at home .Then we will ask , do you have any questions ?

If you reply , no i am here to take a look today , , that is when we will point you in the direction of our tattoo shops TATTOO FLASH section.

Tattoo flash is what is on most tattoo shop walls , and flash is all the tattoo designs available from that studio .These designs are found all across the world in all tattoo studios.Tattoo flash is designed mostly by other tattoo artists, and some commercial artists , and graphic design artists as well .

These designs for you to look at can be changed , re-sized and re-designed .Its a great starting point for the beginner who would like a small tattoo .

please stop into our studio today , and take a look at our quality selection of superior designs ready to put permanently into your skin today !

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