Graffiti Trains

Our Tattoo studio has a history of graffiti art and artists who stop in from time to time . If you are , and have not come through , stop by some time and talk story for a minute , we might hand you a black book to get up in , your welcome to do a burner stay for a while , or we might ask you to hit up our newest project and that is our elevated freight train , heavily bomber to your liking .

At the moment it is currently being worked on , about half done , we all ready have been doing pieces on the cars with paint markers , tried a little airbrush but needs to be cleaned , spitting , maybe the needle is old , about 15 years old !

We are asking you to help get involved in our project ? No beef here , we love art , not drama between crews , all is welcome . no cap-ping with out permission .

Tattoo Adam has a deep love for freight trains , when 17 years old , Adam fell off a 35mph moving freight and cracked his head open , and even worse , he landed on his money making tattoo hand , busted it up really good , and still continued to ride and bomb freight trains shortly after .

please check out some old train cars by adam here

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