Tattoo Edicate For the Week

If you have never got a Tattoo and would have been thinking about getting one , This article is for you ! There are many designs to pick from and look at when walking into a tattoo shop . We call it Tattoo Flash , that is the designs in the shop on the walls that you can look at and choose from . Please visit our website to learn more about our Professional Staff .

It is a really good idea that you all ready have a idea before walking in to a Tattoo Shop , that way when the Tattoo artist is going to ask you , “was there something you were looking for ?” You can then reply , yes i had an idea about putting a red fox on my chest about 3 inches .

If you walk in and have no idea what to do or get , that is very common as well . And if that is the case , 434 Tattoo recommends you look at everything available on the walls and in any books in the studio . Sometimes a design will Jump Out at you , is what we like to say , and if that happens , then tell the artist , and we can start designing your next future Custom Tattoo !

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