Update on Hawaii’s Tattoo Freight Train

The trestle is now complete .The flex track is on its way , along with a engine, transformer, and some connectors .The problem next is the corners? will they be too tight ? All the professionals seem to think so , and that , a professional train hobbyist I am not !

But , I do love Trains , A lot , so much I have a feeling i will be redoing these corners if my engine can not make the turn . View the picture in this blog .

Please visit our website , http://www.434tattoo.com to learn why we love trains so much . its some where in our bio’s ..

Are you a train model junky ? Come visit our store and Check out what all the Buzz is about !

Contact Us :

434 Tattoo

Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu ,Hawaii



we bomb trains !

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