Oahu 434 Graffiti Train line

Have you wondered about trains in Hawaii ? Are you looking for Graffiti on trains in Hawaii ? Did you think anybody had a interest in painting trains in hawaii before ? Would you like to piece a burner on Hawaii’s first Train line ?

Our Graffiti Train Line runs everyday from 10 am to 10 pm , taking its last passengers at about 9-9:30 pm . You can find this out of control , heavily graffiti painted Freight Train at 434 Ena Road , Honolulu, Hawaii , 96815 . If you are a traveling Graffiti artist , why not stop by , introduce yourself, hit up our black book , and piece a train , we will supply you with the paint . Click here to learn more about our store : http://www.434tattoo.com

Here we have about 6 box cars , at the moment we have one Box Car in San Fransisco with some local Tattoo Graffiti Masters, names will not be told to protect the famous ! As soon as it is done we will be adding more to our line .

So if your thinking about traveling to Hawaii, Please stop by , We would love to talk story with all of you ..If this is your first time reading about us , Please visit the President of the companys website to learn more : http://www.tattooadam.com

Contact Us :

434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road

Honolulu , Hawaii



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