Coalition for Safe Tattooing in Hawai ‘ i in support o f SB1263 with specified revisions

A Few years back Tattoo Adam was apart of Hawaii’s Tattoo History . Here you can see how Tattoo Adam helped make part of history .
P.o. Box 3378
Co mmi t t e e on Fi n a n c e
In reply, please refer to:
S. B. 1 2 6 3 , S.D. 2, H.D. 2, RELATING TO TATTOO ARTISTS
Testimony o f Chiyome Le i n a a l a FUkino, M.D.
Di r e c t o r o f He a l t h
Apr i l 1 , 2 0 0 9
2:00 p. m.
De p a r t me n t ‘ s Position: The Department appreciates the changes made to this bill but cannot
2 support it at this time due to the fiscal implications and budget uncertaincies.
Fi s cal I mpl i cat i ons : Approval o f additional positions and training funds will be needed in order
4 for the Department o f Health to administer this bill.
5 Pu r p o s e a n d J us t i f i c a t i on: The bill seeks to provide licenses to unlicensed tattoo artists
6 participating in tattoo conventions or events outside o f tattoo establishments and proposes to allow
7 temporary tattoo establishment permits to be issued to these conventions and events. The bill also seeks
8 to rectify deficiencies in statutes that regulate tattoo artists.
9 As requested by t he legislature the department collaborated with the tattoo industry in
10 developing and establishing the changes in this measure and many o f our suggested changes were
11 incorporated in the current amendments, and for that we are very grateful. I f the bill moves forward, for
12 clarification purposes we would like to suggest the following additions to the bill: On page 4, line 16,
13 add “or suspended” after unrevoked. On page 6, line 2, add “or suspended” after unrevoked.
ILl In light o f budget cuts and the aforementioned fiscal implications the department cannot support
15 this bill at this time. The department regrets it would not be able to adequately implement the changes

S. B. 1263, S.D. 2, H.D. 2
Page 2 o f 2
~ecessitatedby this measure and add new responsibilities to exi st i ng programs that will be affected by
2 these budget cuts.
3 Thank you for the opportunity to testify.

Dear Finance Committee:
I am writing in reference t o SB 1263 which is an update of t he current Hawaii Tattoo
Regulations. As a licensed tattooist , a board member of bot h t he Alliance of Professional Tattooists and
t he National Tattoo Association and a 28 year veteran of t he trade I am in support of this bill.
As part of t he coalition t hat penned t he original bi l l I believe our regulations are long overdue
f or updating. The health issues of today coupled with t he popular i t y of tattooing war r ant adapting
our state’s obligation t o protect t he health of our people.
This bill covers all forms of tattooing: modern electric, traditional (hand tap) and cosmetic. As
blood born pathogens know NO boundaries i t is imperative t hat we give t he Health Department t he
proper authority t o oversee body invasive procedures.
This bill increases licensing and inspection funding f or t he Department of Health t o alleviate
costs incurred f or site inspections, testing and other expenses. I t allows f or trade shows and
educational exhibits under t he right health related constraints. There are allowances f or visiting
practitioners t o meet our state requirement s which not only will bring in added revenue in licensing but
also allow guest appearances which abide by t he law t o which we follow.
Thank you f or your considerations,
Peggy Sucher
Hawai i Licensed Tattooer
Board Member , Editor, Lecturer, Health Instructor
Alliance of Professional Tattooist s/ National Tattoo Association
Columnist, www. aroundhawai i . com
Purdue University, BS, ‘ 79
Registered Voter, Landowner, Taxpayer State of Hawaii
Fi n a n c e Co mmi t t e e He a r i n g
2:00 pm, We dne s da y, Ap r i l l , 2009
Ch a i r : Re p . Ma r c u s R. Os h i r o
Vice Ch a i r : Rep. Ma r i l y n B. Lee
Su p p o r t o f SB1263, SD2 HD2 Relating to the permitting o f tattoo shops and licensure o f
tattoo artists.
Su b mi t t e d by:
Tricia Allen, PO Box 61967, Honolulu, HI 96839, 808 734-8677 tattoo( and
Peggy Sucher, 2l 28 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815, 808778- 0117 ladytattoo@h_(ljvaiirL(~9m
on be ha l f o f the Coal i t i on f or Safe Ta t t o o i n g i n Ha wa i ‘ i (see attached partial roster).
Thank you for hearing this bill and for the opportunity to testify. This testimony is on behal f o f a
coalition o f twenty two licensed tattooists, five medical practitioners, and twenty five community
The Department o f Health (DOH) has questioned their ability to regulate tattooing in light o f the
State’ s current fiscal condition and possible st aff cutbacks. We strongly believe that due to the serious
health risks involved, tattooing must be properly regulated, and that the current regulations must be
brought up to date. In order to help compensate for likely budget cuts, the tattoo community is in
support o f substantial increases in fees for both permits and licenses. In addition, new revenue will be
generated from temporary licenses and permits.
The increased fees we have suggested for tattoo permits and licensure will generate approximately
$55,000 annually, whereas current fee structures generate about $15,000 annually. This is an increase
o f approximately $40,000 annually. Also, new measures proposed in this bill will allow for alternative
tests and courses in lieu o f the State administered exam, whi ch is now a requirement. The alternative
test options for licensure will reduce the current workload for DOH staff. Therefore, we believe that
this bill will ensure public health while providing funding to administer the program with minimal
impact to the operations at the DOH.
Although we are quite pleased with the bill as it now stands, both our coalition and the DOH
st af f would like to see one addition, i f at all possible. On page 6, following line 10, as part o f
Section 321-376, the fees for licenses are not included. Perhaps the following could be added as
a subsection:
(1) The fee for initial licensing is $125 to be submitted by the deadlines
established by the Director.
(2) Renewals are due biennially in even numbered years, and is $75 for the 2 year period.
These fees may be increased by not more than $10 annually.
Currently the fees are $75 for initial licensing and $7.50 biennially for renewals and are
specified in administrative rules, but this is substantially below the licensing fees in any other
state, and we unanimously believe should be increased.
We tremendously appreciate your time and consideration, and urge you to pass SB 1263.
Coalition for Safe Tattooing in Hawai ‘ i
in support o f SB1263 with specified revisions
* indicates primary contacts for the coalition
*Peggy Sucher, Licensed Tattooist.
2128 Ka1akaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815 (808) 778-0117 Iadytattoo({l{hawaii .rLcom
*Tricia Allen, Licensed Tattooist
P.O. Box 61967 Honolulu, HI 96839 (808) 734-8677 tatt.QQ@lava.nct
Steve Looney, Licensed (traditional) Tattooist, Shop Owner
320 Wa r d Av . #215, Honolulu, HI 96814, 808- 589- 1996
Dave Sucher, Licensed Tattooist
2128 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815 (808) 778-0117 cueman(ilJ,hawaii.rLcom
Bill Whitney, Licensed Tattooist, Shop Owner
46-018 Kamehameha Hwy. #205, Kaneohe, HI 96744 808 234-1504
Adam Siehr‘ Licensed Tattooist, Shop Owner
434 Ena Rd. Honolulu, HI 96815 (808) 391-8287
Rodney Powell, Tattooisst/Behavioral Health Service Coordinator, Uni t ed Behavioral Health
541 Pohakulani Street Hilo, HI 96720 (808) 754-8966 tongan tattoo!Zi)
Tinomana F. E. Hoffmann, Licensed Tattooist, Shop Owner
1211 Nanakai St. Pearl City, HI 96782 808497- 4204 aitotattooCil)clearwirc..:.nct
Conor Haley, Licensed Tattooist, Shop Owner
2270 Kuhio Ave #B Honolulu, HI 96815 808-306-4659
Cory Alameda, Licensed Tattooist
2128 Kalakaua Ave., Honolulu, HI 96815 8 0 8 9 2 4 7 4 6 0
Scott Bender, Licensed Tattooist
2128 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815 8 0 8 9 2 4 7 4 6 0
Ali Blevins, Licensed Tattooist, Shop Owner
2309 Kuhio Ave., Honolulu, HI 96815 no phone .schmonzicC(i)hotmaiLcom
Sergio Dowd, Licensed Tattooist
320 Ward Ave #215 Honolulu HI 96814, 808541- 7400
Dan Foerster, Tattoo Apprentice
2128 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815 8 0 8 9 2 4 7 4 6 0
Rick Milligan, Licensed Tattooist, Shop Owner juggalolo13C(i)
66-590 Kamehameha Hwy # 1C Haleiwa, HI 96712
Dale Lee, Shop Owner
222 Papalaua St. #130 Lahaina, HI 96761 (808) 661-8788 dale(
Ryan Lau, Licensed Tattooist
94-871 Farrington Hwy Waipahu, HI 96797 (808) 678-3344
Michael Cacal, Licensed Tattooist
94-871 Farrington Hwy Waipahu, HI 96797 (808) 678-3344
Bernard Lacar, Licensed Tattooist
94-871 Farrington Hwy Waipahu, HI 96797 (808) 678-3344
Amanda Garcia, Licensed Tattooist
94-871 Farrington Hwy Waipahu, HI 96797 (808) 678-3344
Charlie Chintam, Licensed Tattooist
1667 Kapiolani Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96814 (808) 330-5612

Justin Lam, Licensed Tattooist
945 Kamehameha Hwy # 9 Pearl City, HI 96782 (808) 456-5034
Jordan K.Wolfe, Tattoo Apprentice
1211 Nanakai St. Pearl City, HI 96782
Mildred Schwarz, Tattoo Apprentice
320 Ward Ave #215 Honolulu HI 96814, 808 541-7400 sadlilstar((i)
Stephen E. Case, John A. Burns School o f Medicine, Biological Safety Officer
45-128 Alina Place, Kaneohe, HI 96744 8 0 8 5 5 4 – 1 1 3 6 B..tevec({i)
JoAnn Johansen, RN, CNM, MSN,
P.O. Box 6329 Kamuela, HI 96743 808-887-0167 ioannj(
Brigid Mulloy, RN CNM, ARNP
PO Box 280 Kaunakakai Hi 96748 808 553-3380 brigid(i7)mobctah.nct
Lisa Abbott, APRN-RX, nurse practitioner
3810 Claudine St., Honolulu, HI 96816 734-3439Iabbott(il)
Peter Silva, Pacific Island Trainer, Life Foundation.
541 Pohakulani Street Hilo, HI 96720 (808) 333-5192
JoAnn Kahanamoku, Kupuna and Cultural Advisor
P.O. Box 4616 Kailua-Kona, HI 96745 808334- 0217
Claud Sutcliffe, Ph.D., Executive Director, Mediation Center o f Molokai
P.O. Box 1708, Kaunakakai, HI 96748 808:553-3844 c1aud((i)
Patricia Lee Masters, Ph.D, Academic Program Officer, University o f Hawaii at West O’ahu
4741 Matsonia Drive Honolulu, Hi 96816 sumanatcri(
Carlos Juarez, Ph.D, Professor and Dean ofInt ernat i onal Studies, Hawaii Pacific University
7413 Makaa St. Honolulu HI 96825, 808.779.8004 s;juan::z(aillRJ,UX[U
Angela M. Britten, Director o f Corporate Development & Special Events, Bishop Museum
758 l ana Street, Kailua, HI 96734. w: (808) 848-4170
Ephrosine Daniggelis, Ph.D, community support
2002 Hunnewell St., Honolulu, HI 96822, 947-5828 cphro(
Kimo Silberstein, Cultural Practitioner
2350 Palolo Ave, Honolulu, Hi 96816 808 737-9194 Km:D..1,1Ki.1.D.Q@J}Q}Y._<lji,xLGQm
P.F. Ski Kwiatkowski, Cultural Practitioner/Traditional Tattooist
P.O. Box 2250 Kamuela, Hi 96743 kakaukii((j)
Waimea Williams, community support
45-539 Pahia Road Kaneohe, HI 96744 808375-5036
Audra Sellers, community support
P.O. Box 13207, Lahaina, HI 96761 808-281-5280 audralC(iJ,
Deyna Puckett, community support
P.O. Box 13207, Lahaina, HI 96761 808-281-5280 deyna(i7J,
Kama Hazelhoff, community support
PO Box 858 Kamuela, HI 96743 kamahazclhoff((
James Bayley, community support
2765 Round Top Dr., Honolulu, HI 96822 ( 808) 946-9669jimskalabim(d;hotmail. com
Sally Lundburg, community support
PO Box 244 Paauilo, Hawaii 96776 (808)776-1535 sallylundburg((
Keith Tallett, community support
PO Box 244 Paauilo, Hawaii 96776 (808)776.1535 )<eithtallett2005(il),
Mimi Forsyth, community support
POBo x 970968 Waipahu, HI 96797 (808)-676-8261 forsythmOO ](li;hawaii.rr.con1
Janice Tumpap, community support
23 Poniu Circle Wailuku 96793 808205- 8068
Jim Patterson, community support
62 Hui Rd F Lahaina, Maui, HI 96761 808-669-0872 terpatterson(ajyE.ho(U;:onI
Tere Patterson, community support
62 Hui Rd F Lahaina, Maui, HI 96761 808-669-0872 terpattersonri{)
Dave Wethington, taxpayer
350 Ward Ave, #10622, Honolulu, HI 96814 8 0 8 2 3 9 7 7 7 6
Joyce Chun, taxpayer
350 Ward Ave, #10622, Honolulu, HI 96814 8 0 8 2 3 9 7 7 7 6
Carol Colbath, graphic artist, community support
45-539 Kamo'oali'i, Kaneohe, Hawai'i 96744 808 235-4828
Goro Sulijoadikusumo, community support
3810 Claudine St., Honolulu, HI 96816 734-3439 goro((7J,
Lyza Sosa, community support
PO.Box 223682 Princeville, HI 96722 808-635-3586 ]3uJerf1.,YZa@yahoQ,com

Contact 434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu , Hawaii


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