Custom Asian Tattooing in Hawaii

Tattoo Adam Has been focusing on the traditional aspect of Japanese Tattooing and many other cultural asian designs . For the past 11 years Tattoo Adam started from scratch , working from the bottom, making his way to the top to get noticed as a traditional asian tattoo designer and custom tattooist .

Tattoo Adam Has traveled to japan over a dozen times , for the main purpose to learn about asian culture and the awsome Tattoo lifestyle culture that is very taboo and is still considered the underworld of japan . There are today many street shops in japan , taking walk ins and doing americano style designs . But in Hawaii , Tattoo Adam is doing the opposite .

Tattoo adam is reaching out to the local community , finding there heritage and designing tattoos that relate to the locals blood line .When considering to have Tattoo Adam design you your next tattoo , it is suggested you make a consultation appointment first to discuss your options and to hear Tattoo Adams professional advice on how to create a master piece .

Please visit our 434 Tattoo website to learn more about the Tattoo shops progression .

Contact Us :

434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu , Hawaii


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