Downtown Planet , November 14, 2005 , Interview


Downtown Planet , November 14, 2005
By Sheri Char

Bring him an idea or a sketch , and he’ll make an original , quality custom tattoo design for you . This week , Tattoo Artist Adam Siehr is On Display .

Catering to the Local Clientele

Adam Siehr knows what he likes and dislikes after being in the tattoo business for 11 years . He’s worked at tattoo shops on the Mainland and in Hawaii , but now he runs his own private studio on Kalakaua avenue .
“I was not happy being in a tourist environment” says Siehr , who is better known as Tattoo Adam . “It was not the studios I was working in , but it was the kind of artwork I was doing .”
Siehr says that customers on vacation tend to prefer choosing a tattoo design off the wall , rather than creating an original design . But in his private studio , Tattoo Adam creates only original artwork .
“There’s no artwork to pick off the walls at my studio , ” he says, “and now I cater to local clientele .”
Besides customizing Tattoos , Siehr also specializes in covering up old tattoos.”Its everything from a name to a nice design they just do not want to have anymore .” he says .

Famous Clientele
When Siehr worked at Diversity , a tattoo shop in Las Vegas , he tattooed former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson .
“out of all five tattoo artists I was lucky enough that he picked me .”says Siehr , who created a tiger tattoo on Tyson’s arm.” “It was one month before he bit [Evander] Holyfield’s ear off , so it was still at the peak of his career .”
In 2001 he created a tattoo for Egan Enoue ,former SuperBrawl Champion , when Siehr was working at TattooLicious , a tattoo shop he helped to open in Hawaii .
“I tattooed Egan’s front upper legs” ,Siehrs says. “When I first met him, he had an outline of a koi. I did an original snake on his other leg , and then i finished his koi for him .”

Contact Tattoo Adam

Custom Tattooing LLC.
434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii


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