Help donate to Japan , Get Tattooed !

Please come in and get a tattoo to Support Japan . Every Customer who comes in and asks to support japan , we will take $20.00 from every customers Tattoo and send it to the relief groups of Japan .

Your name will be on a special page on our 434 Tattoo website , where we will display who all helped support and who we gave the money to in detail ,Company , phone number and address , so you can then follow how your contribution helped . We will post the amount of each customer and the total amount sent to Japan so everything is very open and easy to follow later .

Japan needs help , so if you were thinking about getting a tattoo , why not help feed and rebuild Japan as well .

Tattoo Adam
has been Tattooed in Japan many times and still plan’s to go back to finish his back . Adam is very concerned about his sensai , Hopes and gives prayer every hour that the Tattoo Legacy Lives on in Japan .

Contact Us :

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii


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