Tattoo Etiqutte Tip of the Day

The other day a customer had walked in to Our Studio and wanted a back Piece done of a Image known by many and a symbol worth wearing and believing in . Because 434 Tattoo is A busy Walk In studio , it may be very hard to understand how a custom Tattoo is done .

A Custom Tattoo Most of the time can not be done in one sitting , like a one point (as the Japanese call it ) , a small tattoo , almost every design on the wall to choose from can be done in a single sitting , but a Custom Large design , requires a few sessions of quality time with your artist .

When deciding to choose your artist before asking him or her to have you design something for them , here are a few words of advice .

First make sure the shop you walk in to is clean , and friendly . Then after getting comfortable , ask to see some portfolios. After finding the style of art that catches your eye , and you would like to have design some thing for you , Ask who’s portfolio is this , and is he or she here now ? Introduce each other and tell that artist your ideas, ask him if you need a consultation first , or can we start a design and have them call you to look at when its
ready ?

After that , wait for the call , and check out the art after . It is recommended you always make a appointment and not walk in and expect to get your Custom Design on the spot , that hardly ever happens anywhere , Please call and make appointments so every thing runs smooth .

Contact US :

434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC

434 Ena Road
Honolulu ,Hawaii


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