434 Tattoo gets featured in Japans Mix Hawaii , vol.22


check it hawaii
mix hawaii
Our Company , 434 Tattoo , is very happy to be featured in our first Japanese Publishing ever this summer 2011.

If you are Japanese you can find this in Japan in the Tokyo area and also on the streets of Honolulu .

Our Company has staff that can speak only a little bit of japanese , so it is best you can speak a little english or to have your design allready with you when you walk in .

If you are interested in japanese tattooing , please visit our website to view some examples .

Contact Tattoo Adam

Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii



japanese write up on 434 Tattoo of Hawaii
Going International 2011

One thought on “434 Tattoo gets featured in Japans Mix Hawaii , vol.22

  1. Is that a picture of T Pain that famous rapper ? who tattooed him out of 434 Tattoo ? When was T Pain in Hawaii ?

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