Japanese Tattoo Artist Visits 434 Hawaii Tattoo .


Tattoo artists from hawaii and japan uniting .Marko , Ryo And Tattoo Adam
Hawaiian Japanese style
A few Months Ago , 434 Tattoo had the honor to invite a Tattoo Artist to our Studio , where he got to learn a little bit of english , Watch us talk to tourists and even see how Americano traditional Tattooing is done here in Hawaii .

The Japanese Tattoo Artist name is Ryo , and he is from Okinawa ,a Island off of Japan . Ryo is from a very busy Street shop in Okinawa named Asian Red . Asian Red Tattoo has been around for a long time and Ryo can take on any job that comes his way .

It was a great experience being able to have a artist from a different Country sit in and help out a little by sharing ideas , thoughts , designs, and cultural tattoo edicate .

This was right before the great Earth Quake that will never be forgotten . Ryo is safe and Asian Red Tattoo is still banging out excellent Tattoos everyday .

Contact Us

434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu , Hawaii



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