434 Floating World Tattoo parlour

On Monday night at the seven o clock hour The 434 Tattoo studio started flooding with water . A sudden down pour and some much thunder and lightning occurred . The sewer just so happens to be right in front of the 434 Tattoo Company , here in Honolulu, Hawaii .

Open the door and all you see is water , a river in front of your shop ! Try stepping into the side walk 9 inches or rain water over flowing , and then when you get closer to the street , your up to your knee’s in it ..All this happened with in 15 minutes of down pour .

This is The first time this has ever happened to 434 Tattoo here in Hawaii . The Hard working staff quickly resolved the situation by tuning in Rev. Manny , and his spiritual passage way to reggae only on Ktuh . Once the good vibes kicked in , the 434 Tattoo Crew started removing the Floating Tattoo World , drying it off out side and moping the water back to the Aina (land) .
By 11 o clock , shop was ready to rock !

Have Comments , let us know what we are doing wrong with this blog , so we can make you happy .

and remember , if you do not see us wash our hands , please ask us to in front of you . We want you to , to show you we care about your health and the health of others …Pass the word .. Check out : 434 Tattoo.com

Contact Us:

434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii



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