Hey Joe, nice Tattoo

434 Tattoo is in the Philippines with a camera, looking for the Elite Underground World of the tattooed.  As the owner goes deep into the streets of Angeles looking for the tattooed, follow him into the Jungle of Samar, looking for any head hunters or Abu-zya, religious Tattoo holders, Tattoo haters and all in between.

Follow us in the next 2 weeks, as we photograph street people, friendly visitors who will allow us to photograph them and talk about where there work is from, heavily tattooed of course, Tattoo shops, if they care to be interviewed, as we  ask about what kind of organizations they tattoo, find out the difference between cultures and acceptance of tattoos.

Yes they think I am a criminal, but it does not stop them from trying to rip me off,  and if you are looking for Viagra , Cialis, cigarettes, big Machetes (Charlie Sheen inquire here), knives , stun guns, you name it, its on these Dangerous streets .

Watch as 434 Tattoo takes pictures of guys with guns, only big ones of course, no hand guns unless they are going to flash them for the camera .

Follow the crazy blog and check back to see photos and video footage .

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