Tacloban Experience

No its not our first time Traveling to this place ……

After interviewing 2 of the best  tattoo studios in Angeles City, We pushed on with the journey Back into a taxi van up into Manila, jumping on a Airplane and heading down south, The 434 Tattoo crew lands at a pit stop in Tacloban .

Tattoo Adam And And Store Protection
Safer Shopping in the Philippines !

After wondering where are all the guys with shot guns, i read the local newspaper to find out the Mayor had been executed, murderedcold, suspending all permits to carry guns. We are quite disappointed after traveling so far to find no men with guns, only empty guns holsters can be seen .

The Bridge Protection Team
Philippines army

There is a 1 million Peso reward for any info on the murder about , who killed the Mayor ? and authorities have no leads yet . Hoping we can bump into some Local Rebel Army Mafia, to find the  real inside street scoop .

Tattoo Adam And Money Protectors
Looking for money ?

As 434 gets closer to jungle, the hotels get smaller, the bathroom and towels get smaller, the people look at us crazy , like they never seen a tattooed freak like Tattoo Adam. And most of all, the smell of  Burning Trash and  burning cooking wood  in the air gets  Stronger .

Old Hand Gun , buck shot
Jungle Hand Gun .

As soon as you land in the Philippines your welcomed with a nice deep breath of fresh burning Trash. Some of the 434 Familia  is coughing because the stench is making them sick. Sounds like they have colds (Is it Pollution or weather climate  change )!

When trying to sleep all you hear is trikes, motorcycles and horns, and of course, more burning  smoke coming through the air conditioning…

Stay tuned for our next installment and check out first blog on location in the Philippines as we seek out the best in the world of the custom tattoo

Adam Siehr, President and Proud Owner
434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii


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