Just One More Reason To Go to 434 Tattoo for a Custom Tattoo

Just One More Reason To Go to 434 Tattoo for a Custom Tattoo

by Jason M.A. Walter (JMAW) for 434 Tattoo

While researching “A Story Told in Ink,” an article telling the story of World Famous Tattoo Artist Adam Siehr, something really interesting came up.  When I got my first lion tattoo done by Adam back in November, we talked alot about spiritual journeys and spiritual tattoos.  While we were doing the interview and I was getting another custom tattoo, this time of Black Panther/Jaguar, I asked Adam how he prepares for working on people.

“I like to spend about 15 minutes meditating before the day to focus on the clients that I have scheduled and their custom pieces.”

In my opinion, that right there is reason alone to go to 434 Tattoo Shop and why it’s the best tattoo shop on Oahu.  Mindfulness is needed to help fight the Zombie Apocalypse of mindlessness that runs rampant in our world.  The fact that Adam meditates is awesome for Hawaii Tattoos, the tattoo industry, and for our global island amidst the stars.

So let’s rewind, not only do you get a free consultation, you get amazing work by someone with 2 decades of experience, a team of tattoo artists that have tattooed celebrities such as T-Pain and Mike Tyson, and you also get mindfulness.

434 Tattoo For the Win!



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