Tales from the Tattoo Parlor

Remember that show that got its cue from the comic, Tales from the Crypt?  Cue: Evil laughter but not tacky like muahaha from that guy The Crypt Keeper.

Well, Tattoo Adam has many a tale or two from his two plus decades as a custom tattoo artist in Hawaii, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, and his travels all over the world.  I wonder what an episode of Tales from the Tattoo Parlor show would be like…

INT. Tattoo Keeper’s Study – NIGHT

TATTOO KEEPER:  Greetings Tattoolings! Here’s another fabulous Tale from the Tattoo Parlor.  (EVIL LAUGHTER).  This time we visit Tattoo Adam at his Waikiki Tattoo Parlor… in the middle of doing a custom tattoo!!! (More EVIL LAUGHTER)

Cut To:

INT. 434 Tattoo – MORNING

Tattoo Adam is working on a custom arm sleeve for a customer.  Tattooist Andy Burley is getting his equipment set up to work on another customer.  All is well or as the UFC President Dana White says, “business as usual” in the tattoo crypt, or is it…

TATTOO ADAM:  “I’ve got a story for you.  One day, I’m working and this big dude comes in and he’s got on a fat chain.  You can tell he had money.  Well, he wants a tattoo from me.  So we hook it up and as soon as the needle hit his skin, this smell, like you could tell that he’d been on drugs for years, just wreaked out of him.”

CUSTOMER ONE: That happens?

ANDY:  Dude, I can tell when people drink, not like one or two drinks but seriously, it comes out of their body…

TATTOO ADAM: So this was back in Milwaukee right.  Well the same dude tracks me down while I’m tattooing out of Vegas, right, and wants to get another tattoo.  Of course I remember him, how could I forget him after that first time?  So I tattoo him again and sure thing, same smell…

CUSTOMER TWO: You gotta watch Cocaine Cowboys, that’ll trip you out.

Fade Out:

INT Tattoo Keeper’s Study NIGHT

TATTOO KEEPER:  Tattoos.  Drugs.  Smells?  You think  the next word would have been Rock’n’Roll.  (EVIL LAUGHTER).  Well, it wasn’t (EVIL EVIL LAUGHTER) and it once again you never know what expect from TALES FROM THE TATTOO PARLOR!!!  (EVIL EVIL EVILEST LAUGHTER)


Come on down to 434 Tattoo and you can hear first hand a tale from our Honolulu Tattoo Shop for yourself.  Or who knows, maybe you’ll make your own story while you’re visiting.  Whatever it is, a Hawaiian tattoo design to commemorate your trip, just a meaningful piece from the tattoo flash on the walls, or your own custom piece, it’ll surely be an experience!


Adam Siehr, President and Proud Owner
434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii



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