APEC 2011 Honolulu Traffic Flow

APEC is going down and it’s going down hard on the island of Oahu, home to award winning Waikiki Tattoo Shop, 434 Tattoo.  With the arrival of world leaders from around the globe, traffic is been nothing short of horrendous for many commuters and the local businesses are feeling the effects.

“It’s been a ghost town.”  Tattoo Adam, shop owner.  As roads were subject to spontaneous closures to allow for safe passage for dignitaries and their entourages, drivers were waiting in traffic for many hours.

“I didn’t move for about an hour.”  Vince Mesa, manager of Hank’s Haute Dogs location in Waikiki’s International Marketplace, reported.  “I turned off my car and closed my eyes for a few minutes.”

The tide in Waikiki was strange all day, as this writer was one of the drivers stuck in traffic during the Chinese President‘s arrival and was working until 11p in the Marketplace.  With the arrival of APEC and three shifts, one customer came by with APEC ties. Only time will tell the economic boom that APEC provides.  While it’s still early, we’ve still many blessings to count.

“I’d like all our loyal customers who still braved the roads and stopped by.  And a big thanks to the military men and women who took the time to stop by on the 8th and 9th and for choosing us for their custom tattoo work.”  434 Tattoo specializes in the custom piece but also takes walk-ins interested in Tattoo Flash found on the walls.  Their skills cover the gamut of tattoo work from Asian Tattoo Styles, Hawaiian and Polynesian Themed Tattoos, and just about you name it.

Here’s an exclusive video of one of the dignitaries arriving.  It was shot by one of our contributors in the field around the time of the arrival of the Chinese President Hu Jintao.

We don’t think the media has footage this good!  So if you’re up for a stroll, we’re accessible from every direction, close to the Hale Koa Hotel, Ala Moana Shopping Center, and Waikiki Strip.  Be sure to come in and learn about our different Tattoo Discounts and Deals in Hawaii.

Adam Siehr, President and Proud Owner
434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii



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