Hawaii Tattoo & Custom Motorcycles: Kick-Only!!!

Picture: from Marvel comics Deadpool.

Regardless of the mainstream craze and appeal over shows like American Chopper and Inked, Tattoos and motorcyles just go hand-in-hand.  Back in the day, only sailors and bikers got tattoos and for bikers, counter-culture is not a new thing and tattoos just fit.   Today, more and more people are getting tattoos, and visible ones at that.

Tattoo Adam, of Hawaii Tattoo Studio, 434 Tattoo, has braved the Jungles of the Philippines in the past, he’s battled the desert of Las Vegas’ Sin City over the years.  Recently, he took a trek across the islands to the land of Waipahu to explore his own love of motorcycles in Hawaii.

“For years, I’ve wanted to build a custom motorcycle.”  Tattoo Adam says.  “I had a bike that someone was working on for me awhile ago, but I never got to see it completed.  My buddy Nik is going to build my future bike one day…”

Kick Only, located in Waipahu, is an independently owned Oahu custom motorcycle shop.  The custom work in the Hawaii Motorcycle shop is all done by Kick-Only‘s, Nikola Spajic, a certified and licensed motorcycle mechanic in Hawaii.

We think the Hawaii Motorcycle shop‘s Facebook Fan Page describes their services best:

Nik “knows the secrets of handling your bike, which include mechanical expertise and knowledge, and “motorcycle whispering,” but also, some good old TLC.  Because bikes need love too.”

These are the custom bike services as advertised that KICK ONLY Motorcycles offers:

  • Official Inspection Station #149–Safety checks for your bikes. Bring your current registration and insurance cards.
  • Services for all makes and models of motorcycles
  • General repairs
  • Parts fabrication
  • Commissions for ground-up builds

Anyone looking for the same great treatment that you get at 434 Tattoo but related to motorcycles ought to check out Kick-Only!


Tell’em Tattoo Adam sent ya!

434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii



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