Hawaii Tattoo: 434 Tattoo, A Year in Review

Another year is winding down at our Waikiki tattoo parlour, 434 Tattoo, and while Lil Wayne or Wiz Khalifa skipped out at our offers to tattoo them, we still had a monumental year since starting this humble online publication but a blink of a year ago (flashback to our first ever post).

In January, we got off to a famous start as Marko inked Grammy Award winning Rap Superstar T-Pain!  T-Pain got the real pain and Marko sketched and did a small piece for him while he was on the island.  And T-, if you want some more pain, Marko’s got you on the Tattoo removal:

Just joking and onto February, Tattoo Adam inked this custom lion tattoo, a sequel to the first piece you’ll see soon enough:

As the Ides of March rolled in, we remembered the Waikiki Tattoo shop, Hart and Huntington, who saw their doors closed.  We wonder who was surprised by the short tenure of the corporate tattoo shop?  In Hawaii, where our Oahu tattoo parlor is located, they say that the rain is a blessing, while April showered, we were showered with a visit from tattooist, Ariano Delano.

May was a big month for us.  Tattoo Adam took off on an adventure in the Philippines, and JMAW, joined the 434 Tattoo Ohana as Blogger/Content Editor.  Here’s his first piece with us:

Oh, wait, meant to put his first written piece, that’s the first custom tattoo he ever had from Tattoo Adam.  June saw our team member, tattoo artist Andy Burley get married by Minister Adam (he wears many hats) and our shop g0t featured in the new island publication, 808 Ink Magazine.  They might have some typos but you can’t mistake the custom ink coutesy of Tattoo Adam.

In July, we had a few laughs courtesy of a cheerleader with some attitude, and were visited by another celebrity as fashion and jewelry designer of Rock’n’Roll Couture, Amal Guessous, stopped by.

August came on down and we explored the world of facial tattoos, polynesian tattoo style and in September, the fun didn’t stop as we started to take you behind the scenes with our Tattoo videos.  Adam and Marko took ‘Center Stage’ and were featured in an Art Show.  We even did a public service announcement about tattoos.

As we entered Fall, October saw us drop a little 411 about the history of the tattoo laws in Hawaii, and we also held our first ever Military Appreciation Month in November.  November was a huge month in general as Hawaii was the site of APEC 2011 and our deals didn’t stop as we offered more appreciation deals to the agencies to come in and get some ink done. What else you ask? Well, Adam and Arlita’s son, Andrew celebrated his first birthday!!!  And we broke into the Google Top Ten in a category which eluded us for some time.  That Google…

Marko even cut a commercial for us!

And that pretty much brings you up to date to December.  It’s been a crazy year and from our crazy (in a good way) crew to yours, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.  We’re looking forward to putting a piece of beauty on you soon.

434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii


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