Hawaii Tattoo News: Tagging Trains

We love trains at 434 Tattoo and tag model railroad cars for people in addition to tattooing out of our Honolulu Tattoo Shop.  But here’s a little some some extra to reflect on when it comes to real trains…

With the Honolulu Mass Transit Project aka the Honolulu Rail rolling forward and the upcoming Hawaii State Legislative Session creeping along, it’s time for people to talk about the inevitable: taggers.  We love a good tag as much as the next art aficionado but graffiti is illegal people and we’re not bout that, that!

Taggers or graffiti artists have been known to “bomb” or paint trains, walls, and so forth all over the world.  Where rail projects are already completed, rail cars and trains have been hit by graffiti artists all across the United States.  The stations have even been hit.  It’s inevitable that the trains in Hawaii and the stations will also be hit.

Tattoo Adam suggested that lawmakers consider the idea of making a designated art area for taggers to release their graffiti.  Legal graffiti walls have been discussed for many years now and offer artists and cities alike a way to co-create and respect communities.

It remains to be seen what will happen with this issue but out-of-the-box thinking such as that of Tattoo Adam’s would surely be welcome in our State.  Hmmm, it is an election year…

We are 434 Tattoo and we love this community! Oh yeah, we tattoo as well ; )

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