SURVEY TIME!! We know most of you prefer to MESSAGE privately, which ids fine, but we gotta hear from you! QUICKLY! Some of you we’ve already gotten MESSAGES from– Mahalo!
Conventions ARE coming– a local one (more shortly on that) and others in the future. CRITICAL QUESTION! Please message us & type in one ofthe following:
1). Ok with conventions but want to see a cap of about ??? on th…e max. number of participating tattooers (Just say #1, 50 artists, or whatever)
2). I am against conventions altogether (just say #2)
3). I am pro-conventions with no limits (just say #3) But no typos!

— considerations on the cap are not only in re. to business, but how many booths can be SAFELY monitored? How many clients do we feel safe with oozing in a big shared, confined space? PLEASE VOTE!

We’ve been on the phone, too &have a couple new folks on the phone team, but PLEASE LET US KNOW!!!

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