Hawaii Tattoo Stories: Sawed Off in the Walled Off…

‘To this day, there’s probably a shot gun still stuck in the wall.” ~ Adam Siehr, Owner of Hawaii Tattoo Shop 434 Tattoo

Tattoo Adam has seen a thing or two (or try many!) over the years living the life of a custom tattoo artist.  As a Father and owner of an award-winning tattoo studio in Honolulu, 434 Tattoo, the craziness continues but it’s a little different these days than during his early days…

“The first seven grand that I made tattooing went into the Court System.”

Let’s rewind how we got here.  I was sitting there under the machine and noticed this picture:

of Tattoo Adam and former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion and Boxing Legend Mike Tyson.  Adam was Tyson’s Tattoo Artist years ago before the infamous Holyfield fight. Anyway, I asked him what they talked about and that led too:

“I had to go to Court the next day so we talked about that.  I was in the back yard of my house shooting at skunks and saw all the lights of the cop cars.  So I ran upstairs and was trying to get rid of the cartridge in the bathroom but it went off again in the bathroom.  My roommate took all his guns and stuffed them in a slot machine we had but he had this shotgun that he threw down the wall.”

Apparently there was a fishtank with a hole behind it in the wall and you can read the headline above to know the rest…

So why did Tattoo Adam have to go to court.  Well it turns out they released him, asked him about a stun gun they found AFTER they released him and sent him his ticket in the mail.

Wait what?  He had to go to court even though they released him and didn’t charge him.


Well, hard earned money, a good lawyer can go a long way.  Just ask (insert some celebrity here).  Glad to see that the system can work for the people as well.

And there you have another classic story from the life of a Tattooist.  Come on down to 434 Tattoo for all your custom tattoo needs and whatnot.  We offer free consultations, award-winning work and service, and if you’re lucky, we’ll even blow the conch shell for you where you’ll get your tattoo discount!




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