Cool Things to Give Your Tattooist

Many people are so happy with their tattoos that they’ll wear for life, that they often reach out with a token of appreciation to us.  Here’s a list of some cool things you can give your Tattooist to share the love:

The Goose.  Hawaii Tattooist, Marko Livingston, recently received a bottle of Grey Goose, Patron, and some classical music from another satisfied customer!

Artwork.  There is a reason the word artist is a part of the role of Tattoo Artist… your tattooist is an artist!  They spend years of time, dedication, and practice to perfect their craft.  Marko and Tattoo Adam were featured in an art show last year and spend time drawing, painting, and doing other art on their own.  So if you see a book, a painting, something that you want to share, please do.

Baked goods.  Haute Dogs.  Other food items.  We’re human and our shop has to eat.  We’ll never turn down a good meal or two.  Or a t-shirt. We have to wear clothes too!

Hmm, what else, how about anything train related.  At our shop, we also have a custom train detailing business so we’re definitely pro train…

As an award-winning Hawaii custom tattoo parlor, the team at our Waikiki Tattoo Shop works hard to make sure that our customers enter and leave happy.  None of this gift giving is required, but a little love goes a long way in the world.  We put alot of love and energy into our work and we appreciate you and the different ways you say thanks!

So thanks to you too, we’ll see you soon at 434 Tattoo!

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