Custom Tattoo Stories: Doubledown Tats… Himself

Doubledown has just taken the custom tattoo experience to the next level by tattooing himself!

“It hurts more to bend over to the area than the actual tattoo.” Tattoo AdamOwner of our Honolulu Tattoo Studio, 434 Tattoo, talking about his experience tattooing his leg.  Every artist tattoos themselves at least once but… “I have met artists who don’t have any tattoos on their body!”

“That’s a bit freaky.  If I came into a tattoo shop and I noticed an artist had no tattoos and I asked if s/he had any, I probably wouldn’t get tattooed by them.  If you’re not willing tattoo yourself, how can you  be willing to sacrifice someone else’s skin? ” Waikiki Tattoo Artist, Andy Burley (tattooed himself 3x).  “If you’re not confident in your ability to tattoo yourself, how can you be confident in tattooing someone else?” 

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