Hawaii Tattoo News: April 2012

Get your Sugar Skull Tattoos early this year!

Celebrate Dia Del Muerte now, because only 8 more months until the Apocalypse is upon us (or so some people would like to think)!

In all seriousness (or not, it’s the end of the Now), it’s business as usual here’s some quarterly Hawaii Tattoo News and Views for ya!

The movement to Hawaii’s Tattoo Convention is unfolding and flowing nicely.  Tattoo Adam is in the process of signing up a booth for our award-winning Hawaii tattoo parlor, 434 Tattoo.  You know we will be sure to represent when the Tattoo Convention in Hawaii goes down!

Our Honolulu Tattoo studio was visited by a tattoo legend last month and talked about government corruption, guns, and that the tattoo life!  Just kidding, we didn’t talk about the government but there was definitely bits and pieces of the other things mixed in there about the life of a tattoo artist.

Doubledown Tats has a new number, 808-382-5418, and is stepping his game up, recently completing a tattoo on himselfAndy Burley celebrated a birthday, Marko Livingston returned from a traveling tattoo/vacation spanning the US and Canada, and Tattoo Adam has been busy tattooing everyone under the Hawaiian sun!

Our Waikiki Tattoo Shop now offers you the opportunity to video your tattoo session and have it burned on a DVD.  Now you can commemorate your memorable custom tattoo experience in an art form that is beyond the ink itself!

Until the next time, stay tuned and posted to the number one site online for all your custom tattoo updates!

Adam Siehr, President and Proud Owner
434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii

mailto: adamsiehr@gmail.com

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