The sun sets on another month here in Hawaii and in the blink of an eye it is June and we are going to be deep in the year, like halfway over!  Despite that, the show must go on at our Waikiki tattoo parlor.

First up, Owner and President of 434 Tattoo, our award-winning custom tattooing shop, Tattoo Adam, is back in the building.  The President took his family for a respite in the Philippines for the better part of May but now he is back for the Summer Rush that we have been experiencing!

Please note that this Summer, in addition to our Custom Tattoos, 434 Couture, we are also offering a severed fingers special (Joke Alert!) to go with all our other amazing Hawaii Deals and Discounts.

Hawaii Tattooist Marko Livingston is hitting the ink hard in addition to some other artistic endeavors that he has going on.  Be sure to stop by and talk to him about all his work, he has a little something going on for everyone.

Andy Burley, another Tattoo Artist on our team, is a man of few words so he lets his crazy designs do the talking.  Come on down and get your Zombie on with the man!

Doubledown is working hard to finish up his apprenticeship and his style is growing by the day!  Needless to say, there is a little of something for everyone here at our Honolulu Tattoo studio.  So chickity check yourself, before you wreck yourself and come roll with the Good Guys here at 434.

And by the way, We Love you This Much!


Hawaii Tattoo Updates

Finally, the Sun has come back to Gemini.  This Gemini Editor is a bit stoked on that because the cycles of Pisces and Taurus were a bit rough at times…

Return of the Tattooist

You know who, what, why, and when is coming back!?!?!?

Tattoo Adam!!! 

Adam and his family will be returning from their adventure in the Philippines next week to Hawaii and our Waikiki tattoo shop.  The entire 434 Tattoo Familia is excited and I’m sure all of our friends are stoked for his return as well.  While Adam is probably excited to see everyone too, please be sure to call to set up your appointments because this summer season is already busy and with Adam’s return, it will only pick up!

Did Someone Say Food Truck?

In addition to plying his trade as a Custom Tattoo Artist in Hawaii, our team member, Marko Livingston, is hard at work on some other artistic ventures.  You can find some of his handcrafted work, which is available for purchase on Etsy.

And coming soon to a corner near you…

The Tropical Tribe lunchwagon!  Marko started tagging this exciting new meals on wheels machine last week and should be finishing it up soon.  To get a sneak peek, stop on by Jazz Minds Cafe, to see Marko’s work in the lot.

And in Other News

Doubledown celebrated his birthday earlier in the Month and to mark the occasion he tattooed himself!  It’s not the first time he tattooed himself but he did have a few comments to share after doing the deed.

“I think it hurts a little less because I can ease up if it gets too sore.  When someone else tattoos you, they don’t know what you’re feeling as it’s going on.”

Ouch!  Well, the Dude is almost suited so it’s safe to say he enjoys tattooing and getting tattooed.

Joe Moore Moment

“And finally, did you know…”  To borrow from long-time Hawaii News Anchor Joe Moore at the end of his broadcast “That we had the Eric Minugh, son of an Old-Timer drop in?”

Lee Roy Minugh is an Old School Tattoo Artist and Eric stopped by to share some pics of his Dad and Tattoo Flash.  Eric shared stories of how Lee Roy got to do a Tattoo live on The Today Show years ago and also tattooed the numbers on monkeys who were used in research.

“He got bored with numbers so he started putting roses and other designs on them.”  Eric shared.

With that, you should drop in and get some monkeys and roses tattooed on you!  We are open 7 days a week from 10a – 10p.

See you soon!

Adam Siehr, President and Proud Owner
434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii



Summer of the Custom Tattoo

It’s almost the Summer!

In Hawaii, we pretty much are blessed with Summer weather nearly year-round.  The official transition to Summer is still a month away but with school out, graduation, and people on vacation, we are feeling the surge in business at our Waikiki tattoo parlor.

We are very grateful for the upswing in business and have been doing lots and lots of tattoos!  Maybe everyone wants to show off their new ink at the beach?

“There’s been a high request for big pieces,”  Hawaii Tattooist Marko Livingston reports while finishing up a forearm piece for a customer at 434 Tattoo, “and we are taking care of many requests right now.”

During times like this, we would like to ask if you could, would you please call/schedule appointments ahead of time as much as possible.  While we do take walk-ins we like to do this so that we can best accommodate all your custom tattoo needs.

With that, stay tuned for more news and updates and if you do hit the beach, remember to sunscreen your ink because as cool as tans are, faded tattoos are no bueno!


434 Tattoo Ohana

Update: The President’s Trip to the Philippines

Tattoo Adam, President and Owner of our Hawaii Tattoo Parlor, 434 Tattoo, is currently in the Philippines, this is news of his story, his travels brought to you by the official 434 Tattoo Blog!

A beautiful Black Sand Beach in the Philippines…

Tattoo Adam and his family stayed in the newly opened Oriental Resort and the picture above is a stretch of tranquil Black Sand Beach in the Philippines nearby where they are located.

In addition to our Model Train Tagging Business, we may be expanding to detailing model helicopters…  Just kidding though The President reports that he has purchased a new model helicopter to add to the family!  If you have any products that you would like worked on, please give us a holla.  In addition to custom tattooing you, we’d love to ink your toys!

And speaking of the custom tattoo, our team of talented Hawaii Tattooists are ready to give you the best tattoo experience in Hawaii!  Our Waikiki tattoo studio offers regular Hawaii Tattoo Deals and Discounts and are open 7 days a week, from 10a – 10p.

Thanks for reading, for your support, and for wearing our work on your body!  Without all of our awesome customers, fans, and family, we wouldn’t be Honolulu’s number one Tattooing Studio 3 years and counting!

Adam Siehr, President and Proud Owner
434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii


Shout Out to the New Skool

A special shout out to Doubledown, apprenticing Hawaii Tattoo Artist, Helicopter Pilot, Boat Captain, and all around stand-up guy.  He is celebrating his success as Tattoo artist and today also celebrates his birthday!

Pictured above:  Tattoo Adam’s Dad, Tattoo Andrew, Tattoo Adam, Marko Livingston, and Doubledown in front of Hawaii Tattoo Studio, 434 Tattoo.

Congrats Homie!  The family says to chop it up!

And you should ink it up, Doubledown’s style is evolving but he definitely can be a leader of the New Skool in the years to come should he continue to work hard and grow.  Our Waikiki tattoo parlor is open 7 days week from 10a-10p.

The President’s Visit to the Philippines

Tattoo Adam, President of Custom Tattoo LLC, aka Hawaii Tattoo shop, 434 Tattoo, has sent word of his visit to the Philippines…

Not one to shy away from positive relations, The President visited this monument in the Philippines, which commemorates where the US landed on its way to battle Japan during World War II.  President Siehr and his family stayed in a nearby area next to this historic location.

A peaceful, lush, tropical view is also something that The President gets to take in while he is in the real jungle versus the Urban Jungle, where our Waikiki Tattoo parlor is located.

The President and his family also visited The Aquarium in the Philippines.

He reports that the experience is very enjoyable thus far and he has even found the time to break away and get to the beach.

We’ll keep you posted about The President’s Trip to the Philippines and be sure to report if anything pops off.  And don’t worry, he and the family are safe:

Stay tuned, same 434 channel, same 434 time!


Hawaii Tattoo Weekly: Home Alone

Tattoo Adam has left the building!  Was this his last Custom Tattoo forever?

Who knows how long he’ll be gone or if he’ll come back from the jungles of the Philippines…  What does it mean for our Tattoo Artists at our Waikiki tattoo shop, who are at Home Alone!

Marko’s Mark

Hawaii Tattoo Artist Marko Livingston has a number of items for sale online here on Etsy, including handcrafted pieces made from Top Secret bone found where only he knows…

Be sure to check out the page and be on the lookout for new things including: t-shirts, stickers, cell phone cases, skateboards, and more!

If you want to see Marko’s other artwork up close and personal, find him here at 434 Tattoo, online, or who knows, maybe he’s next to go to the Jungle!!!

Doubledown’s Corner

Doubledown has been tearing it up, the first day Adam was gone, he did 8 tattoos!  “I got the feeling of my hands being really sore, tight, after a full day of tattooing, it was awesome!”  He shared, the experience of growing as an apprentice Tattooist still exciting for him.

He has also been hard at work developing new Tattoo Flash, some of which you will soon see on a skateboard in in our Honolulu Tattoo shop soon.

Andy’s Ride

Andy’s been tearing it up Easy Rider style on the Harley while also getting back on the mat.  In another life, he may have been a professional Fighter.  You’ll have to ask him in person if he really used to train because he’d choke me out or arm bar me or roundhouse kick me if I were to say that in fact he did no such thing.  So I’m only implying…

In Closing…

Stay tuned for more happenings, updates, more, and if anything to see how the show goes on without the Captain at the helm!  We are open from 10a-10p, 7 days a week, rain, shine, floods, hail, and tornados (all of which we’ve had in Hawaii in the last year)!

On Behalf of the team, we miss this guy:

Adam Siehr, President and Proud Owner
434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii