Hawaii Tattoo Weekly: Home Alone

Tattoo Adam has left the building!  Was this his last Custom Tattoo forever?

Who knows how long he’ll be gone or if he’ll come back from the jungles of the Philippines…  What does it mean for our Tattoo Artists at our Waikiki tattoo shop, who are at Home Alone!

Marko’s Mark

Hawaii Tattoo Artist Marko Livingston has a number of items for sale online here on Etsy, including handcrafted pieces made from Top Secret bone found where only he knows…

Be sure to check out the page and be on the lookout for new things including: t-shirts, stickers, cell phone cases, skateboards, and more!

If you want to see Marko’s other artwork up close and personal, find him here at 434 Tattoo, online, or who knows, maybe he’s next to go to the Jungle!!!

Doubledown’s Corner

Doubledown has been tearing it up, the first day Adam was gone, he did 8 tattoos!  “I got the feeling of my hands being really sore, tight, after a full day of tattooing, it was awesome!”  He shared, the experience of growing as an apprentice Tattooist still exciting for him.

He has also been hard at work developing new Tattoo Flash, some of which you will soon see on a skateboard in in our Honolulu Tattoo shop soon.

Andy’s Ride

Andy’s been tearing it up Easy Rider style on the Harley while also getting back on the mat.  In another life, he may have been a professional Fighter.  You’ll have to ask him in person if he really used to train because he’d choke me out or arm bar me or roundhouse kick me if I were to say that in fact he did no such thing.  So I’m only implying…

In Closing…

Stay tuned for more happenings, updates, more, and if anything to see how the show goes on without the Captain at the helm!  We are open from 10a-10p, 7 days a week, rain, shine, floods, hail, and tornados (all of which we’ve had in Hawaii in the last year)!

On Behalf of the team, we miss this guy:

Adam Siehr, President and Proud Owner
434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii


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