Shout Out to the New Skool

A special shout out to Doubledown, apprenticing Hawaii Tattoo Artist, Helicopter Pilot, Boat Captain, and all around stand-up guy.  He is celebrating his success as Tattoo artist and today also celebrates his birthday!

Pictured above:  Tattoo Adam’s Dad, Tattoo Andrew, Tattoo Adam, Marko Livingston, and Doubledown in front of Hawaii Tattoo Studio, 434 Tattoo.

Congrats Homie!  The family says to chop it up!

And you should ink it up, Doubledown’s style is evolving but he definitely can be a leader of the New Skool in the years to come should he continue to work hard and grow.  Our Waikiki tattoo parlor is open 7 days week from 10a-10p.

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