The President’s Visit to the Philippines

Tattoo Adam, President of Custom Tattoo LLC, aka Hawaii Tattoo shop, 434 Tattoo, has sent word of his visit to the Philippines…

Not one to shy away from positive relations, The President visited this monument in the Philippines, which commemorates where the US landed on its way to battle Japan during World War II.  President Siehr and his family stayed in a nearby area next to this historic location.

A peaceful, lush, tropical view is also something that The President gets to take in while he is in the real jungle versus the Urban Jungle, where our Waikiki Tattoo parlor is located.

The President and his family also visited The Aquarium in the Philippines.

He reports that the experience is very enjoyable thus far and he has even found the time to break away and get to the beach.

We’ll keep you posted about The President’s Trip to the Philippines and be sure to report if anything pops off.  And don’t worry, he and the family are safe:

Stay tuned, same 434 channel, same 434 time!


One thought on “The President’s Visit to the Philippines

  1. Enjoy ur vacation Mr. President! Stay safe n give the family a hug n kiss from me…xoxox

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