Those Water Color Memories


Crazy time of year, sometimes a recap is necessary because so much happens in a short time! For example, The President was here during APEC and our President went to the Philippines. Seems like just yesterday APEC was being announced and Adam shared he was leaving.

Take the shot above, which showcases Tattoo Adam’s work on a client. It was taken a year ago for a Hawaii Tattoo Magazine 808 Ink which we await to see more issues of, particularly with the Tattoo Convention coming soon…

to Honolulu near you… (Note:use your movie theater trailer voice for extra effects)


Another memory is the fact, not fiction, you best believe our conviction at being the best, is legit because we won another award as Honolulu’s Best Custom Tattooing Studio !

All we can say is that our Honolulu Tattoo Shop works hard all year and has been running full steam ahead, guns blazing, engines roaring with the intensity that is the Summer Tattoo season! Many tourists looking for tattoos in Hawaii come back each year to 434 Tattoo to add to their growing collections and enjoy some time in Paradise, of which we are happy to help with and grateful to have such a high volume of people coming in for tattoos in Waikiki!

Speaking of which, looks like it is time for another one! Until the next episode…


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