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Andy’s A Bad Ass

Andy may get a good ribbing every now and again from the guys at our Waikiki Tattoo studio, but make no mistake, the soft-spoken, friendly cat from Cali is a bad-ass! Not because he owns a motorcycle though that is pretty cool… And not because he is a member of a Motorcycle Club, Brethren’s Creed, which some would say is really cool as well…

Andy’s bad because he is getting his roll on!

Not like raver roll, we’re talking Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu rolling and grappling. Andy ‘may or may not’ have lived the lifestyle of an MMA fighter and coach back in the day in California. I write may or may not because see ‘soft-spoken’ above and well he doesn’t go around telling people about it. It just comes up, especially when he’s on the mat!

“I don’t like to talk about it.” Andy.

Despite his prowess on the mat and in the cage, he was bested though recently here at 434 Tattoo in Verbal Jiu-Jitsu when a homeless man asked if Andy could see him…

Oh the crazies!

In Other News…

Marko’s finishing up the tag he has been working on for a new Food Truck coming to a street corner or two near you! Stay tuned and we’ll be sure to let you know when this ‘Food Joint’ is up and running. But you’ll probably see it based on the awesome designs by Marko.

Tattoo Adam is back, live, and direct busting out the finest in custom tattoos and busy since his trip to the Philippines. A cool sidenote, Horioshi III, legendary Japanese tattooist, who Adam’s back piece is by, is featured in the newest issue of Hawaii’s 808 Ink Magazine on stands in Barnes and Nobles for sure and some other fine establishments selling such publications. Go out and learn about the Legend!

With that, keep on, keepin’ on and stay tuned for the best in Hawaii Tattoo Deals and Discounts.

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