Old Tattoos, New Tattoos, First Tattoos, Your Tattoos


This gentlemen pictured with Tattoo Adam in our Waikiki Tattoo Shop, 434 Tattoo, has an interesting story behind his Journey into Tattoos…

In Hawaii, from “all over” the World and currently the US, the man is a bit of mystery to say the least. This writer met him as Jordan, then learned his name was not Jordan, but actually Julio, THEN found out that his name was actually Andre…

His friends didn’t even know his name!

Jordan/Julio/Andre first stepped foot on the hallowed ground of our Hawaii Tattoo studio in February of 2012. In the four months since, he has logged nearly 20 (at this writing probably well over) sessions in that short period of time. The most curious part of this story is that the man of many names, with now many different custom tattoos, got his first tattoo with us… at the age of 54.

Mysterious, random stories aside, the moral of this story: it is never too late to get your first tattoo! We recently had another gentlemen come in to get his first professional work done ever since the homemade pieces he had put on from his friends in a garage back in high school. And he was 65! It made his son laugh because he grew hearing don’t ever get a tattoo because his father didn’t like his homemade work.

Whatever your story, your meaning, your timing, you are more than welcome with the good guys here at 434! Come down for your free consultation. We are open 7 days a week from 10a – 10p and hope to see ya soon!

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