Tattoos in the Workplace

“You can’t fire me, I’m drunk!” ~ Tattoo Adam

Doubledown getting a tattoo, from himself, while at work!

Inked Magazine has been pushing a Tattoo Lifestyle themed brand of clothing Steadfast Brand Clothing hard online and two t-shirts quite simply read:

“Tattooed and Employed.”


“I Want A Tattooed President.”

In the past, tattoos were commonly associated with criminals in America and parts of Europe and Asia.  In Polynesia and other indigenous cultures, men, women, and even some children were tattooed or ritually scarred as parts of rites of passage.  Whatever the case, tattoos have been around for a long time, longer than formal employment and job interviews came to be and longer than the United of States has ever existed.  So it’s interesting to see these types of shirts come out echoing sentiments that are surely not anything new.

Here’s to the World taking a step towards seeing without blinders and judgments!

Another phrase Inked has been pushing is:

“I wear my Ink with Pride!”

Well, here at 434 Tattoo, Honolulu’s award-winning tattoo shop, we proudly work at this fine art and are stoked to ink you the best on the island!

We are open 7 days a week from 10a to 10p.  Feel free to stop in and schedule a free consultation so that we can get you visibly tattooed before your next job interview ; )


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