A Loyal Customer: Hey Joe

From the archives of Tattoo Adam, a custom tattoo artist with over 20 years of experience in the industry and owner of the award winning Honolulu tattoo studio, 434 Tattoo.

“In 2002, a customer walked in to the shop (Aloha Tattoo ), got a tattoo. and kept coming back for more ink.

The customer by the name of Joe, spent 4 years in Hawaii, serving in the Army, getting ink and staying loyal to his artist.

Through out that time after so many hours under the needle Joe and Tattoo Adam established a friendship, which is a common thing sometimes.

Joe followed Tattoo Adam as he moved into a small custom tattoo studio on Kalakaua Ave, where he finished his back piece .

After his four years, Joe continued on with his duties elsewhere, committed to the Army.

Only 2 short years later Joe returned to Hawaii to his surprise to find Tattoo Adam moving closer into Waikiki, having opened his current studio 434 Tattoo, and as a welcome home surprise Joe found his Tattoo on his back running in a widely distributed magazine advertisement for the last 3 years he served here in Hawaii for the Army.

In those last 3 years, Joe lived around the corner from the studio and was always on and off the Island, it was confusing wondering were your friend keeps going, but when he was around our friendships really rooted well into this small little studio.

Joe this blog is for you brother, although you have left we will be waiting like all those other times for you to come back and be apart of your tattooed family ..

The photo is of Joe treating Tattoo Adam to Famous Hanks Haute Dogs, both was there first time to eat there and a real Awseome experience to remember each others friendship.

Every thing happens for a reason, and I have a good feeling the Army will see it and give a good soldier a good life!

See you soon bro! Do not for get about us!!”

Thanks Tattoo Adam for your work, your words, and sharing such a cool story!  For all of you interested in getting your ink, come on down for our free consultations and to the Waikiki Tattoo Studio with the best tattoo deals in Hawaii!

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