When Art Imitates Life

We are all for big, awesome, crazy custom tattoos at our Honolulu Tattoo studio! But as Tattoo Adam, Owner of 434 Tattoo likes to say: “Iʻm a Peace Loving Rastafarian.” and this blog is not about that…

Last night a great tragedy struck Colorado, a state that is no stranger to tragedies unfortunately.  As many of you may have heard, a person dressed up like The Joker and fired a weapon at a showing of the new Batman movie killing 12 people.

As tattoo artists, artists in general, and well, I donʻt know, people, it is important that we remember that art and expression are just that, art and expression.  It is awesome to live what you believe so long as those beliefs donʻt intentionally hurt others.

We love Art, itʻs why we spend a big part of our lives in our Waikiki tattoo parlor, we love graphic depiction, but please donʻt bring that out and hurt the lives of others.
Thereʻs a time and place for everything and maybe things do happen for a reason, but when do senseless acts stop before we start to value ourselves, others, and Life itself?

May the families, loved ones, and all of those impacted by this tragedy be kept in the thoughts and Hearts of all of you out there.

“This is not a gun.  It is a Tattoo Machine.  Guns hurt.  Tattoo Machines make art.”  ~ Tattoo Adam Siehr

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