Hawaii Tattoo Shop Preservation

Amal Guessous came back for a ring finger tattoo with Andy last month and well, to celebrate the celebrity tattoo Andy got really drunk and slept on the floor because he needed a place to stay and look what he did…


Since Andy doesn’t drink, we ruled out the first scenario and pulled our CSI hats on and tried to figure out the Truth behind this Unsolved Mystery….

The facts: Sometime between 430a-600a, someone kicked in the door and no motion occurred inside so the sensor went off.

Tattoo Adam‘s Mom had a lead: Probably bikers… Adam’s early years in tattooing included lots of bikers so it easy to see how Mom might have a hunch about bikers and tattoos.

“We did have a biker stop by, he was in all black, a brand new 40,000 dollar Harley, and had on all leather goggles rocking the Harley logo but no colors.” So we can rule that one out.

Or maybe he was undercover….

Someone upstairs was calling out to the shop “white boys!” and there was some back and forth there but nothing came of it.

Could it be patrons of the Restaurant next door because sometimes we have to rev engines on our own motorcycles and they aren’t fans of the music that Harley’s sing.

“Maybe the angry truck drivers because we put a few stickers on the trucks when they park in front.” Andy suggested.

Could it be that someone was mad about a custom tattoo from our Honolulu Tattoo studio?

“Probably one of the other guys.” Adam jokes.

“Motherfucker, why’s it gotta be one of us?” Andy inquires back.

Most likely, it was just someone drunk who kicked it. Whoever you are, not cool? What did the kind glass at our Waikiki tattoo shop ever do to you? Whatever the case, we will carry on and continue to be your favorite award winning Honolulu custom tattooing studio!

See you soon at 434 Tattoo!

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