Tattoos and Scars and Rumi Tattoos

Originally posted here by our Blog Editor.

A few days ago, I began reading some material by Deepak Chopra, you know, some of that goodness filled with some metaphysical reminders about abundance and how the Universe is Love, the kind of things that I look for in Life and enjoy writing about. On Saturday, I had a very Love enchanted day in variety of ways and just like the title reads: Bullet Scars, Tattoos, and Rumi.

But first:

I Love me some Rumi!

Rumi was one of the crazy Mystic Sufi cats who was all blissed out by Life Itself and seeking out God in everything.  The way that he addresses the Beloved in All Things is amazing to me and a great reminder that even in some of the Darker moments in which we may find ourselves, God and Love are All around, embracing us Always in All Ways, we need only take the time to see.

Now back to Saturday…

I was working one of my many jobs (5 and growing) and a woman walks up with a unique tattooed quote around a scar.  As I looked at it, I saw that “Rumi” followed the quote.  I was a little tickled because I had just been reflecting that morning on a line from Rumi:

There is a field out beyond right and wrong. I will meet you there.

And I thought it was pretty cool that this Lady had a Rumi tattoo.  As a tattoo lover myself, I have a unique relationship with my own tattoos and how they chronicle elements of my own Journey.  “Tattoos are a spiritual medicine.”  Tattoo Adam, Owner of 434 Tattoo, a tattoo studio in Waikiki, once told me.

They are a ritual that reminds me of where I have been, and are also a physical example of how one can heal and have beauty within the memory left behind, even if it comes with a scar.  This woman had a similar reminder for the scar that her Rumi tattoo surrounded was caused from a gunshot.  She did not go into detail about how she was shot but she did talk about how grateful she was to be alive.

“It is a reminder to appreciate every day…”

On Friday, just prior to meeting this woman, I Re-Tweeted Mixed Martial Artist and Former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, who shared his own story of meeting a War Veteran and how it was a reminder to be grateful.  @fightbobby would tweet me, @jmaw808, and even shared: “How can someone Love with Hate in their Heart.”  I was stoked because earlier in the week I joked about getting tweets from a celebrity as I had received a RT from an up and coming singer, who I tweeted to keep following her dreams, or something along those lines…

To some I may be preachy, to others I have been called too idealistic but I have to say that there is nothing wrong with promoting Love.  If we look all around, we can see that there are so many reasons to welcome Love in All Its shapes and forms.  In my opinion, Love is our Truth and is a necessity that we can no longer afford to ignore.  I was pretty tickled at how the Universe gave me a few unique interactions with people I have never met before, not only in the stories that I shared, but also dancing in the beautiful eyes of two small twins, their beautiful babysitter, Jordan (who was rocking a Henna tattoo),  and a friend from college who has fought her own battles and overcome, and so many more who weave in and out of Life.

It is a beautiful Life when one lets Beauty Be.

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