Tattoos in Hawaii News

Our tattoo studio in Honolulu, is not a stranger to the news.

Led by Owner, Tattoo Adam, and the coverage he received while working as a tattoo artist in Las Vegas, doing custom tattooing for the likes of Mike Tyson, among many, we have been mentioned and featured in the news from time to time.  When you are the defending Best Customing Tattooing Studio in Honolulu for three years and counting, you find your way into the headlines.

While perusing Facebook recently, we saw that Marko Livingston was once again photographed for Honolulu Street Pulse.  But little did we know we would find these pearls…

Here we have tattooist, Andy Burley, striking a pose as Tattoo Adam and Marko do what we at 434 Tattoo do best in the background of our tattoo Parlor in Honolulu, located at 434 Ena Rd.

And here we have Mr. Burley reading your mind so that you get the best Tattoo  in Hawaii possible!  So come on down for your free consultation, get your mind read, and get inked by the best in Honolulu!

These pictures and the credit for the photos go to Honolulu Photographer Tony Grillo (Markoʻs Uncle) and the photos are from his Facebook.

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