Tattoos in Hawaii: Free Touch Ups For Life

One of Tattoo Adam‘s first customers in Hawaii, back when he helped build the walls at another Waikiki Tattoo studio Tattoolicious, stopped in recently to get a little touch up work done. The image below is a before shot of a tiki tattoo of Ku.


This tattoo was done about 12 years ago, with the sun being the greatest enemy of a tattoo, and the weather as beautiful as it is in Hawaii, it is easy to understand how this may have faded. But fear not, it is not guaranteed that your new ink, that you sat however long for, will fade, so long as you keep it covered and use sunscreen while out in the sun. Here is one look after the touchups:


“The higher the SPF the better (to protect your new tattoo).” According to Adam, when it comes to taking care of a tattoo. When you get tattooed in Honolulu with any of our Hawaii Tattoo artists at 434 Tattoo, consultations are free and touchups are also free for life. This customer liked the touchups so much he even decided to pay extra to get some color to go with it! Here is one more shot of after Tattoo Adam did what he does best:


We are open 7 days a week from 10a to 10p and our award winning staff is here to give you the best in service in the island!

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