Custom Tattoo Stories: Circles

In Polynesian tradition (and probably other places), the idea of closing circles means that something has come to a close.  In some parts of the world, people tattoo a circle for the same reason.  Our tattoo shop in Waikiki, 434 Tattoo has tattooed circles, squares, pegs, lions, and tigers, and bears oh my!

Hawaii Tattoo Artist Andy Burley is a big fan of The Lion King, which talks about The Circle of Life as well.

But all jokes aside, this custom tattoo story by Tattoo Adam, has a personal note to it…

“Some years back when I was still tattooing in Las Vegas,” Tattoo Adam begins, “a customer of mine came in and he wanted a series of circles, the story behind it had to do with the different circles in Life.  It was based on something that he believed…

“He was the owner of a famous nightclub in Las Vegas and he told me that I should read this book that described this philosophy that he subscribed to in Life based on the Circles one goes through as they Journey in Life.”  Adam continues.

Shortly after getting tattooed, the gentlemen went on a trip with his girlfriend and another couple in Florida.  While driving, they got into an accident, driving into water, and this customer passed as well as the girlfriend in the other couple.

“It was weird when I heard about that, one of each couple, one man, one woman, both passed away.  I almost feel like maybe by getting that, it jinxed him.  It was sad because he had everything going for him and was very successful in his life.”

Resident Mystic/Editor JMAW has this to say on the subject: “When a circle is closed, it can mean completion.  While we can never know why someone goes when they do, especially in tragic and unexpected ways at a young age, perhaps comfort can be found in that this man had honored the Circles of Life that his Soul was here to process.”

We wish you well Buddy, wherever you are…

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