The Life of a Tattoo Artist: The Road Taken…

“If you want to get a tattoo in Hawaii,” A customer says, Adamʻs place is where itʻs at!”

This woman and her husband vacation once yearly in Hawaii, originally from here, both her and her husband are civilian employees with the Federal Government and return home to visit family and friends. A tradition they adopted in the last few years, getting a custom tattoo.

“I love tattooing!” says Tattoo Adam, Owner of Honolulu Tattoo Parlor, 434 Tattoo. In what has become 20 years of tattooing this year, Adam has inked all across the US, traveled around the world to tattoo, and has seen his fair share of things while being a part of the tattoo industry. Itʻs hard not to think of Adam and tattoos going hand in hand, but he wasnʻt always a Custom Tattooist. And oftentimes, many people like to ask the question:

How to become a tattoo artist?

In his days as a youth in Milwaukee, Adam started out in Life as a skateboarder. But unlike many who ride skateboards or participate in activities, which prior to the X-Games, were considered Counter Culture, Adam didnʻt drink or do drugs.

“At one point I belonged to a Straight Edge band.” The Straight Edge reference being to the movement that one current WWE Pro Wrestling Champion, CM Punk, is a part of, and a lifestyle that involves no alcohol or drugs.

Shortly before getting involved in that movement, Adam was an Anti Racist Skinhead, protesting the ignorance of discrimination firsthand. Along the way, with the different hats he wore, Adam got into graffiti, his natural ability and love for art finding their expression.

From the spray of the paint to the buzz of that tattoo machine, Adam found his home in tattooing and has not looked back since.

Like many other Paths in Life, Adamʻs has been unique. Maybe your Path will weave in with his the next time you are looking for that tattoo in Hawaii… Speaking of which, isnʻt it time you got a new tattoo?

Weʻll see you at 434 Ena Rd…

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