434 Tattoo News: Get Tattooed in Waikiki

We have a couple of recent developments at our Tattoo Shop in Waikiki… So without further ado, let’s get on to the news!

Hawaii Custom Tattoo Specials

Keep on the lookout for the best tattoo deals in Hawaii when 434 Tattoo hits Honolulu Living Social and Hawaii Groupon. We are looking to do more custom tattoo pieces in our Honolulu tattoo studio.

We even have the ‘50% off Marko tattoo’ special going on right now. This is for all of Marko’s old customers that want to keep on coming to 434.

Speaking of Marko

Hawaii Tattoo Artist Marko Livingston has left the building! Come in and take advantage of that special we have going on! All jokes and specials aside, we wish Marko the best of luck in his future endeavors and for branching out on his own and opening up his own private studio. We’re going to miss you Bro!


Take care Marko and thanks for the memories!

The New Look Shop

We have been making a few improvements around the shop, from adding the cash register, a new sign, a new front door expanding to include a two-story back room, 434 is seeing a great change. Karl Doubledown Juthans has been adding to his tattoo flash work as well as redesigning our website. We even have added long time 434 Ohana member, Rev. Manny, to help out here and there.

Check this piece out by Andy, who has recently had the opportunity to do some interesting work, including this one:

“Man’s Ruin”


In closing, the fun never ends at the happiest place in all the Land. We hope to see you all for your free consultation about a custom tattoo piece and to assist you with all your tattoo needs.

From our Ohana to yours, Aloha!

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