Throwback Tuesday: Hawaii Tattoo Shop Stories!

How about a Throwback Tuesday Post? Gotta love this story and this piece about Hawaii Tattooist Mike Nash, who surprised this kid when he was told: Surprise me!  Mike did a great self-portrait and this customer found our Hawaii Tattoo Parlor later on!  Hope you find us too.

To learn more, check out or keep tuning in here for all the great tattoo news and tattooed stories!

434 Custom Tattoo

INT.  Tattoo Crypt MIDNIGHT

TATTOO CREEPER:  Greetings Tattoolings.  Today we have another ghoulish tale of tattoo and intrigue.  (Eerie laughter)  Without further ado, let’s visit our favorite Waikiki Tattoo Shop, Honolulu’s 434 Tattoo and visit Tattoo Adam…

INT. 434 Tattoo NIGHT

TATTOO ADAM: So this military dude tells me about his first custom tattoo in Hawaii.  He told all his buddies on the ship that he was going to get a tattoo, didn’t care what, why, when, how.  So he went to Mike Nash and tells him the same thing.  Nash starts working on him and the client decides to look down and finds…

Tattoo Adam: Yup, that’s right, Nash tattooed his portrait on the guy…

INT.  Tattoo Crypt MIDNIGHT

TATTOO KEEPER:  There you have it boys and girls.  Another tale of tattooed delight and dare I say, horror!  (Evil laughter)  That’s all for now.  (Free spirited…

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