Flashback Friday!!!

Instead of Throwback Thursday, we are doing Flashback Friday at our Honolulu Tattoo Studio, 434 Tattoo, owned by Tattoo Adam.  Hereʻs a flashback video we have of some fun filming awhile back as we were exploring the world of Asian tattoos and the Yakuza.

If case you just found us or are popping in from I donʻt know from Australia for a tattoo, hereʻs a little background and “GʻDay Mate!”

Adam was raised with a pack of wolves in the old school style tattooing.  He did his apprenticeship in a shop owned by bikers, where bombs go off (literally and figuratively), you get chased around with sawed offs or do the chasing (story coming soon).  Go ahead and just name it, heʻs just about done or seen it.  Not to be too morbid, he even saw someone lying on the curb after taking their last step or jump…

Sticking with the flashback theme, which takes us Back to the Future, one thing Adam has become known for is his Asian tattoo styles.  Ask someone about a Koi tattoo in Hawaii and the name 434 or Adamʻs shop, which are one in the same, come up.  You can check out samples of Adamʻs Asian tattoo art here.

“The Best part of tattooing is tattooing and seeing a customer happy with their new piece!” ~ Tattoo Adam

Stayed tuned for more great news and stories from the happenings at our Hawaii Tattoo Parlor located at 434 Ena Rd. All consultations and artwork is free, you just pay for your custom tattoo.  So chee huu to you as we say in Hawaii, chee huu!

Weʻll see you!

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