Graffiti Tattoos


This past week at 434 Tattoo, our tattoo shop in Honolulu, we had a very special visit! A tagger aka graffiti artist came in to get a custom tattoo of a tag commemorating his wedding on his rib cage. Adam is no stranger to the art of graffiti, having plied that trade in the past so the tattoo stencil was done in graffiti style as well. You can check out the finished tattoo here:


Our Homie came over from San Diego and he even did a tag for us! He tagged one of the custom model trains in our Waikiki tattoo studio and he even tagged a piece in Tattoo Adam‘s book.


Wanna get your body tagged for life? Or maybe you just want a new custom inked piece? Whatever your interest, we got what will keep you interested! Come done for a free consultation any day and we’ll get to work on the next great tag line in your story!

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