Hawaii Tattoo Studio: This is Your Life

“Every time there was a convention, people would want a Tasmanian Devil Tattoo.  Golf event, Tasmanian Devil with a golf club.  Doctors, Tasmanian Devil with a stethoscope.  Computer conventions, they never came in…” ~ Tattoo Adam

Welcome the blog of our Hawaii tattoo Studio, 434 Tattoo!  Founded and owned by Tattoo Adam, our tattoo shop in Waikiki is in the Heart of Honolulu, very near to both the famous Waikiki Strip and Ala Moana Beach Park.  If you are looking for traditional tattoo designs, Polynesian tattoo styles, Asian ink, and more, we can develop anything in custom tattooing.

When considering a new tattoo, you want to be sure in what you are getting.  Recent studies have shown that many young people regret their early tattoos and tattoo removal surgery is both costly and may not work…

At our Waikiki tattoo shop, we offer you and anyone who comes through our doors a free consultation and free changes to artwork.  In fact, all artwork is free.  You only pay once you get tattooed!  If you want to put money down ahead of time, that is counted towards your overall charge as well where some places will require you pay for the consultation and then later charge you more.

An interesting fact, Tattoo Adam, has never changed his price on 1 inch lettering since he began.  It’s a very old school way of doing things and Tattoo Adam is certainly one to respect tattoo tradition.  On a side note, he is not a fan of doing arm bands or Tasmanian Devils (see above) so the price on arm bands may have gone up…

We are located at 434 Ena Rd. and feel free to stop by, take a look at our portfolios and ask any questions that you have.  Our talented Hawaii tattoo artists are here to help you in having an awesome tattoo experience!

434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii

mailto: adamsiehr@gmail.com

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