Tattoo the World Wednesday

First out we’d like to shout out to all of our friends and clients who walk into 434 Tattoo our Waikiki tattoo shop from around the World!

Mahalo (Thank You) as we say here in Hawaii!

From all the Australians in Hawaii to  those in Americans in the Armed Services to the Japanese tourists to everyone, and everyone else from Canada to Timbuktu to Argentina and more, all of you are awesome and we are happy to be here as a custom tattoo shop in Hawaii to serve you and all your tattoo needs, from the free consultation to putting on the ink, to sending you home with tattoo after-care.  Whatever your need, we got you covered (in ink)!

You are very welcome to bring the whole family in for a family tattoo session and more!  In fact it is very common for family members to get tattoos together, not just biological families, even work families, as this year we’ve been fortunate to have a crew working here at Pearl Harbor frequent the hallowed halls of our Waikiki tattoo studio.  Big shout out to Julio/Andre/Jordan/whatever it is that they’re calling you Buddy!

What can we say but that we’re family-oriented.  From Tattoo Adam and Arlita Siehr to their son, Andrew Siehr (the Future Tattoo Andrew), family is a value for us and Hawaii, where as you may have learned in Lilo and Stitch, Ohana means family and that means no one gets left behind!  We may even have done some Disney tattoos along the way too…

As we noted, your consultation is free, so please feel free to schedule a time to sit down and talk with us about your idea!  Walk-ins are also always welcome and we’ll do the best to accommodate any and all who come through our doors because we’re all family on this planet at least, and definitely when the aliens show up will we feel even more like family!

See you at 434 Ena Road.

434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii


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