Halloween Tattoos

Itʻs Halloween in Hawaii!!!  Our Ohana at this tattoo shop in Waikiki is open and here for all those ghouls adventurous enough to put their costume on for Life!

To stick with the theme, we just want to share some Halloween themed tattoos

Whatʻs Halloween without a Jackʻ0ʻLantern tattoo

or two?

That last one even has the popular grim reaper tattoo design folded in the mix!  The San Francisco Giants won the World Series this year, and to celebrate their favorite team and Halloween, this person got a Panda Sugar Skull:

Nothing is scarier in Horror Movies than demonic children, well clowns are pretty scary, but this child tattoo is creepy:

This tattoo is not only Halloween themed with a Witch, it is rocking not just any witch, but is a Wicked Witch Tattoo:

It just screams:  “Iʻll get you my pretties!”  doesnʻt it?  And last but not least, what is Halloween in this day and age without a Zombie tattoo?

Make sure you brush your teeth otherwise you could end up with a mouth full of teeth that looked like that.  Be safe, get wild, and have yourself a good ole bash this Halloween.  Good thing the Full Moon past, otherwise there might be some real Werewolves out, eh?

Honorable mention Halloween Tattoo goes to this stick on piece:

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